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Do you understand the significance of the digital revolution?

Do you know how to respond?

The possibilities of billions of people connected by devices with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, are unlimited. The effects will be multiplied as further new technologies emerge and are adopted.

This fourth industrial age brings extraordinary opportunity for those leaders who have the imagination to create entirely new business models.

Equally, new innovations have disrupted industries which were incapable or unwilling to transform for the digital age – see today’s news for the latest casualties .

So do you really understand what’s going on around you?

Rolke Search Ltd does, we source the people who will take you boldly into the digital future.

Why Choose Us?

Rolke Search Limited is a specialist provider of executive search services to the digital marketing industry.

Digital technology has shrunk the world, overriding the significance of location, financial and social factors. Ordinary consumers have quicker, cheaper, more convenient access to the things they need and want – we have seen it in banking, travel, publishing, music, manufacturing, VoIP telephony, remote working, Airbnb, Uber. . . and more.

Business too has added opportunity: your territory is no longer the local neighbourhood, it’s every region of planet Earth. Formerly disconnected industries can develop entirely new value chains – Silicon Valley meets the automobile industry and from that come driverless vehicles. Amazon – once a bookseller now offers ‘Wholefoods’ and Cloud services.


The revolution reshapes organisations; classic industry structures, verticals and functional silos, are superseded by horizontal connections across sectors and operations.

The boundaries between formerly discrete functions such as product development, marketing, sales, finance and supply dissolve in this environment of instant communication and big data. This is made possible by new technologies such as “production on demand”: the customer designs his tailor-made shelf in the individual color online. After the order, the order, the production and the collection up and the delivery are executed almost completely by programs and robots.


The stakes are high, early adopting digital companies are generating better profits; the reverse applies too; do you remember the Kodak company, dominant in photography for more over a century? They resisted the incoming technology because they didn’t believe digital was for real then in little more than a decade were bankrupt. ‘You snooze, you lose.’ – and they did.


The ramifications for the type of leadership for a digital age are massive, what is needed are people who think in connections, who can bridge the unexpected, who have lateral perspective. Industry/functional expertise is no longer sufficient. Moreover they have to be able to build teams which can do the same.

Executive search too is transforming.

  • Applications and websites devoted to data analysis for recruitment are proliferating. Many employers will choose to use them since automated systems can do a large part of the job, faster, better and cheaper.
  • Candidate information will increasingly get the ‘big-data treatment’ as recruiters quickly
    and easily filter a mountain of data to find people appropriate for a position.
  • The CV reveals ever less accurately what people can actually do, their perspective, their thinking and their actions. A trawl of social media, Linkedin and Facebook tells you more.

It’s vitally important to know how to link people and integrate with the networks that are shaping society and business. We can help companies and teams find leaders who can do this and connect the functions in a company – sales, finance, product development – because this is what we really understand and are good at.

Rolke Search Ltd. is an executive search firm for a connected world.

1. No “off limits” companies

Our clients have unrestricted access to talent across the whole marketplace. We do not have restrictions by working with too many clients in the same market sector.

2. Shared Risk

Typically search firms invoice in three stages with the final balance due on completion of the assignment.  At Rolke Search, we invoice in four stages with the final settlement due after the candidate has successfully completed their probation period of 3-6 months.  Thus we are true business partners, making a commitment to the long-term success of the appointment and reducing risk for our clients.

3. Principal delivers the search and is the main point of contact for the clients – not a junior associate

Global Reach
Global Reach

Christian Rolke - Director

  • A wealth of experience of consulting services in executive search since 1996.
  • Deep understanding of the client’s problems and needs and how difficult it is to find good candidates to staff leadership positions.
  • Practiced in running projects from beginning to end.
  • Strong commercial acumen.
  • Good communicator with people up to the top level.
  • A German national with a very international outlook. Christian holds degrees from Heidelberg University and the London School of Economics.

Our practice area is digital

– because the digital revolution transforms every sector in today’s world.

Twenty years ago, who would have guessed the extent to which digital technology would change our lives and work? But it did and, welcome it or not, adapting to the new environment is vital if you are not to be left behind.

In that early period, Christian was providing international recruitment services to a wide range of traditional sectors, including automotive, aerospace, transport, energy and chemical industries, with a particular focus on leadership positions and specialist functions.

A few examples:

  • In 2007 the Dubai Transit Authority was building a new driverless underground system – we were engaged to locate senior engineers with relevant experience.
  • Jaguar Land Rover were looking for a senior manager for body engineering, the successful candidate has now gone on to become Executive Vice President – product development.
  • A plant manager for an American automotive Tier1 supplier in the Netherlands.
  • A Director of Marketing for a Japanese Automotive OEM. She works in the UK. The successful candidate came from a direct competitor.
  • An American aerospace contractor owned by a venture capital firm required an International Sales Manager for the Middle East.
  • Sales Manager – Germany, based in Cologne, for a French-owned ceramics company.
  • A Senior Sales position in the aerospace industry. Interviews were conducted in Paris with an emphasis on diversity on the advice of the client.
  • In more than 20 years we have placed over 100 candidates in leadership and specialist roles. Such positions require free-thinking leaders able to think laterally to conceive and build new business models.

Looking back it can be seen that, although unrecognised in those early days, digital connectivity was a nascent factor. As the significance of this fourth revolution grew and was understood, increasingly it became our speciality

Today Rolke Search Ltd. focuses on leadership and technology in the digital world.


Recently we have filled the following positions:

Automotive sector

  • 1 Virtual Engineering Director (OEM)
  • 2 Senior Mangers – Connected Car (OEM)
  • 1 Senior Manager Research & Technology (OEM)
  • 1 CRM Relationship Management Architect (OEM)
  • 14 Engineering Managers – Body Engineering (OEM) – This was a two-year contract. The client was very happy. At the beginning we had a contract to find a couple of people. That was successful and the client asked for more. We searched the market exhaustively, finally there were more than 1200 people on the contact list. Two of the engineers selected were women, a rarity in automotive engineering.
  • 1 COO – for a tier one supplier in the Connected Car sector.

Digital Marketing Agencies:

  • 1 CFO
  • 2 Sales Directors – An unusual case – originally the brief was to fill one position, but the client liked two of the candidates so much that he hired both of them.
  • 1 Corporate Development Manager

Each required an ability to visualise and embrace the opportunites offered by digital connectivity.

How we work with Clients

Finding the best candidates for senior roles is difficult, but by bringing to bear a wealth of experience, comprehensive in-house and external resources and a wide network of contacts, Rolke Search Ltd can be relied on to identify and place excellent people.

There are four stages to the process

In Stage 1 we meet with our client and take a thorough briefing in order to understand the client’s requirements and the specifics of the role. A well-considered job specification is established.

This leads on to formulating a recruiting presentation /marketing pack to sell the opportunity to suitable candidates.

We also agree with the client a list of target companies where we believe relevant candidates are likely to be found.

Stage 2 is the research phase where we apply resources matched to the client’s needs. Rolke Search Ltd. is known for thorough, analytical work which goes beyond merely drawing from online locations.

Stage 3 derives from Rolke Search Ltd’s guiding principle, which is to connect two parties who work together for the benefit of each and thereby bring significant value to the client company.

In this decisive phase we prepare both sides for what to expect in order to prevent unwelcome surprises. Several interviews take place between client and candidate; the latter will also meet other senior executives.

Throughout this sensitive stage we maintain regular contact with all parties, client and candidates – there will be no rest until the client has chosen a fitting person and the two have signed a contract.

Stage 4: In the final, post-engagement/probationary phase we continue to stay close to both client and candidate to ensure that there is a happy conclusion.

Demonstrating Rolke Search Ltd’s willingness to share more risk with the client, we issue the last invoice only when the final, successful conclusion is reached.

In the yet-to-occur eventuality of a placed candidate not being successful, we undertake to re-run the whole search without charge.

How we work with Candidates

We consider our candidates as our most valuable assets and we deal with them with utmost respect and professionalism.

This is how I work with candidates:

When you put yourself forward for a new job you probably have mixed emotions; you are excited by the possibility of moving to a more senior level, better remuneration and a fresh challenge; but you may feel somewhat daunted by the whole hiring process.

With Rolke Search Ltd as your partner the whole experience is more straightforward and less stressful.

When we talk with potential candidates about a vacancy, what you will hear is factual, not fantasy; there’s no exaggeration or misrepresentation. We treat you with respect and a professional approach.

You are a busy person with people to talk to and meetings to attend – our candidate feedback tells us that something greatly appreciated in our service is that information is provided succinctly. You’ll hear a two to three-minute summary, extended only if you want further details.

If the job sounds interesting to you, we accompany you through all the stages of the application / interview process. You’ll be kept fully informed at all times. We will meet with you and, if necessary, accompany you to the interview with the hiring company. Rolke Search Ltd will brief you prior to an interview to ensure that you’ll have a good idea what to expect.

Sometimes a candidate will not be the one to be selected. Following the interview, we will conduct a full debrief to look at your strong points and others which may require more preparation or emphasis.

If you are successful, we remain your partner for discussions up to and including the signing of the employment contract. And of course, to move to a new company, will require resigning from your present one; we will assist you with this too.

While the notice period is running, Rolke Search Ltd will maintain regular contact with both candidate and future employer so that both are kept fully informed about progress and any issues arising.

We are an agency which fully supports equal opportunities. Candidates are evaluated solely on their suitability and performance.


For further inquiries how we can help you please contact us on

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